For Buyers: Finding a dependable supply of scrap metal at a fair price can be a challenging task. We understand, and that is why each of our Suppliers are subjected to our "Ten-Point Due Diligence" ensuring you of a reliable source. Learn More

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In 2008 Allied Roth opened its metal scrap division: Allied Roth Iron & Metal.

Allied Roth Iron & Metal is a worldwide Sourcing Agent for buyers of metal scrap. We are currently sourcing iron and metal from Canada, USA, Mexico,Chile, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, and Iraq, and selling it to our buyers in the USA, China, Taiwan, Korea, India, and Turkey.

We sell a variety of metals including: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, High Temp Alloys, HMS, PNS, Shredded Steel, and Mill Scale.

We can assist you with sourcing high quality metal scrap at favorable prices and assisting you with the logistics necessary for efficient supply chain management.

If you're a serious buyer please contact us to discuss the metal you need, pricing, terms, and availability.


We deliver worldwide. We work with several large international freight forwarders and reputable shipping companies.